Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Cosplay and lolita

Finally I'm going to write a new post! I know it's been a while I,m so sorry. I had major problems in my life and didn't feel like writing too often. I still have no job, but at least I am happy working on my cosplay and preparing for an upcoming test I have to maybe work in an animation studio. I'm so excited!

And talking about cosplay, let's cover that subject a bit.

I know it is kind of a controversial subject in the lolita community, and that's why I want to talk about it now. After seeing AGAIN hate secrets about it on the secrets' community recently, I really feel that I need to express myself on the subject.

Like I said in a previous post in a lolita meme, I am a cosplayer myself. I've been cosplaying/crossplaying for over 4 years now and do not intend to stop before I look too old to cosplay anyone.

I do find it annoying that we are all put in the same boat. I am both a lolita and cosplayer and I very well know that they are different. Of course there are some people at conventions that do not know the difference and say they are lolita when wearing only a maid outfit, but it is not that annoying. And sometimes there are also characters who are indeed wearing lolita, then it is considered as a cosplay.

When I go to a convention, I want to enjoy myself with my friends and socialize with other people that have the same interests as me. I want to go to the dealers' room and buy a lot of goodies, I want to go to panels to learn about things or simply have fun. I also enjoy having my picture taken a lot of times during the day. I don't have time to pay attention to girls who say they are cosplaying lolita.

Of course I have seen some of them. It is inevitable. When I do, I just ignore them. If they are having fun, why bother them? Of course if they come up to me when I am dressed in lolita and tell me they are also in lolita when they aren't, I will politely tell them the truth for their own information. What they do with it is their own thing.

For exemple, there is one time at G-anime that I met 2 girls while I was wearing my Vanilla-chan JSK. They came up to me and began to talk to me about Bodyline and how awesome this site was and how I should check it out. Of course I was a bit disgusted by that preaching but kept quiet on my hate for Bodyline. I told them I was wearing Angelic Pretty, which they never had heard of. They were obviously girls who thought lolita was a cosplay according to what they were saying. So I told them politely that I knew Bodyline and had no interest in it, that I didn't like their quality for the price and preferred to stick with AP. They seemed to think I never wore any Bodyline and continued to strongly suggest that I gave it a try even though I had told them that I did own a Bodyline dress myself. I stayed polite and simply nodded until I got my suitcase and went back to talk to my friend. It did was irritating that they ignored what I had said, but at least I kept calm and didn't say anything rude. It is not worth insulting people for that. They were kinda young and probably just had discovered the website and were excited about it, I was too when I entered the fashion a few years ago. Since I was wearing lolita they thought it would interest me. I know their intentions weren't evil at all so I just let them be when I understood they wouldn't really listen to my explanation about the lolita fashion.

Overall, it was the only time in 4 years that it happened. There aren't that many people who think that lolita is a cosplay at conventions. Of course there are the maids and Alice in Wonderland cosplayers that sometimes do, but it doesn't bother me to the point that I am annoyed. They never did anything wrong to me and so I don't see the reason why I should hate them. The lolita community here always does a panel about lolita basics at Otakuthon so everyone who attend it is told about the fashion basics by experienced lolitas. It is a very good idea to spread the correct information throughout the cosplay world.

Oh and as for furries, it is the same thing as cosplay. I do not see why there is so much hate. I am not a furry myself, but I do admire their sewing skills! I don't see why a furry couldn't wear a lolita dress. The girls who writes these secrets should let people live how they want for once!

I think that's all I had to say on the subject. I just want the hate to stop. Everybody should be able to do what they like without getting flamed by the others.

So for now, let's all be happy together!

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