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30 days lolita meme - Day 3

Here's my post for today!
This time around the subject will be a little bit more difficult it seems.

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble.
Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita.
Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.
Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.
Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.
Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.
Day 7 – 10 people who inspire your lolita style.
Day 8 – 10 songs that inspire you for lolita.
Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita.
Day 10 – What’s in your bag?
Day 11 – One day in your lolita life in pictures.
Day 12 – A picture of yourself before lolita came in to your life.
Day 13 – A picture of your favorite sweets.
Day 14 – A picture of your dream item.
Day 15 – A picture of your last lolita purchase.
Day 16 – Your outfit for the day.
Day 17 – What do you want more then anything right now?
Day 18 – A picture of your favorite lolita style.
Day 19 – What’s in your make-up bag?
Day 20 – A picture of a lolita friend.
Day 21 – Your favorite fictional lolita.
Day 22 – A picture of your room.
Day 23 – A picture of your handwriting.
Day 24 – A picture of you from a meet.
Day 25 – Your favorite lolita themed artwork.
Day 26 – Your Facebook profile picture.
Day 27 – One song that fits your favorite lolita style.
Day 28 – A picture of the perfect lolita location.
Day 29 – A picture of a lolita you would love to meet for real.
Day 30 – A photo of yourself taken today and 3 good things that’s happened over the last 30
Day 3 - 10 things you hate in lolita
1. One of the main things I hate about lolita is the reactions of the others. I hate it when I'm being yelled at and insulted because I'm wearing a cute frilly dress. Some people don't know how to act properly in public... I would never insult or yell at someone because he or she is wearing something different than usual.

2. Another thing I really dislike about the lolita fashion is the bitching. I have never really encountered this problem in real life with my community, but on the internet there is so much bitching that it is hard to not begin to argue with everyone. Why insult each other in our own fashion? We are all here because we enjoy the same thing and should stick together instead of write horrible things about each other in the secrets or even on public forums and EGL.

3. I don't like elitist lolitas. I find that everyone is different and like different things. WE cannot be perfect and all look like the ideal of everyone. It should just be fine to let everyone be as they are without judging them impartially because they are not like us.

4. I hate the sizing in lolita. As someone who tends to be on the plus size side because of my height and body shape, it is really hard to find a dress I am comfortable in and that has the prints I like. Often, the dresses I really want are too small for me and I can't even hope to fit in them one day.Not everyone is shaped like a Japanese girl and not everyone is 5 feet 4 and under. I wish they would make different sizes and lengths for all the dresses. I know there are some dresses in BTSSB that have different sizes, but often even the large one is borderline. I wish they would think about more body types and about their foreign customers who aren't shaped like your typical Japanese girl.

5. The price! Lolita clothes are so expensive... Even a pair of socks is 50$ on brand sites. I wish stuff would be a bit more affordable. Even offbrand and bodyline can become pretty expensive at times and they are overpriced for the quality often. You have so many things to buy in order to have a complete decent coord that you cannot avoid spending at least 200+ on each single one you build. If I try to make a quick total, it'd roughly be: 

Petticoat - 40-60$
JSK - 70-350$
Blouse - 20-150$
Socks -10-50$
Shoes -40-150$
Hair accessories - 10-50$
Accessories - 10- 100$

Total: 200-910$

It's quite impressive don't you think?

And for those who say that you just have to get a job if you don't have money... well even with a job if you live alone like I do it is awfully hard to have at least a bit of money to buy clothes. I do guess they don't pay all their things by themselves or else they would probably know it is really hard to pay for everything and be able to afford lolita clothes on the side.

6.  The fact that it is not allowed at most jobs. I find it sad that you cannot wear this fashion wherever you want. Most of the jobs I got had a dress code and I needed to be dressed like an elegant woman... which I dislike very much. It would be great to be allowed to wear it all the time and be able to enjoy it even at the job. I know there are jobs not suited for it though, of course. You cannot wear an expensive dress if you take care of animals or are driving an heavy machine. But at least it would be fin if it was allowed for the ones where it is not dangerous to wear a poofy dress.

7. I hate that it is really hard and tedious to wash lolita clothes, especially brand ones. You are never sure if the print on your dress will run or stay like it normally should after you wash it. I know there are dresses that cannot even support rain. It is quite alarming to pay a lot for a dress that you may even destroy in the cleaning process. Sometimes I'm having a hard time determining if a dress can go under water or not. There is a list on the internet, but still everything should at least be able to go under water! The dresses should be tested by the brands before being sold.

8. I don't like the fact that the lolita fashion is associated so much with sexuality. I don't know why people who never heard of the fashion always thinks that it looks sexy. It is no way associated with a sexual theme. We are dressed from head to toe and are wearing tons of clothes underneath. It is really uncomfortable to see some people looking at us in a weird way because of that...

9. Lolita isn't really great when it comes to various climates. I live in Canada and weather is always a big mess. One day it is snowing with -30 degrees and the other day it is raining with -15 degrees. Lolita is a fashion hard to adapt to ugly weather. The coats are often not adequate for -30 degrees and when it's 30 degrees in summer it's hard to feel comfortable in all those layers of clothes. Lolita fashion should be a little bit more flexible to be bale to adapt to various weathers.

10. One last thing I hate about lolita is the fact that you need to deal with your family and friends. For a reason I still don't know, people often encounter problems with members of their family, their lover or friends about the lolita fashion. I myself had some problems with my mother about it. Why do people have difficulty accepting that someone decided to be part of this fashion? It's a fashion, it's not like you announced to your parents that you would become a serial killer. I guess I could say that it's mostly the fact that people have problems accepting the lolita fashion in general that I dislike. On the streets, when you say to some people that it is a fashion and not a costume, some can,t even believe it and insult you and say that you cannot possibly be wearing this on a daily basis. It could apply to other fashions too I guess, but I noticed it a bit more in lolita.
And there you go, 10 things I dislike about the lolita fashion. It was harder than the 10 things I liked from yesterday.
See you tomorrow!


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