Monday, 18 June 2012

Janetstore review and HAUL

I ordered from the website janetstore recently and I wanted to share with you lovely people my experience and cute finds.

I discovered this website via youtube when I was searching for cute online stores and also one of my subscriptions reviewed it. Hearing only good things about it and finding their stuff really cute and affordable, I went ahead and placed an order.

Their website is easy to navigate in and there are a lot of categories and brands for you to search by.

They have products from Disney, Sanrio, San-X and many more. You can find stationnary, pencils, plushies, keychains, kitchen and home goodies, some accessories and a lot of stickers and notepads/notebooks.

Everything I received is genuine. Even on of the Disney items had a proof tag to confirm it. You'll see in the pictures a bit later.

So after searching for hours what I'd like to buy, I finally came up with around 80$ worth of items. It was too much so I spent another hour trying to remove the things I wanted less. It was pretty hard since everything was so cute and cheap. I came up with a satisfactory amount and placed my order. Shipping is quite high, but you can see it via the shopping cart so you won't be surprised after And being from Canada, when I do ship something out it can cost me 30$ and more so I always end up finding that shipping is not that expensive when I order online from other countries.

Janetstore seems to be based in Taiwa. From the messages I exchanged, I can see that the person who talked to me was using perfect English. Communication was pretty easy. They didn,t have one of the items I ordered in stock, so they made me choose other items to compensation for the amount of the missing item. It wasn't complicated since I had other items in mind right away and the variety of prices helped me choose for the exact same amount (I had to find a 3$ item so I took one of 2.20$ and one for 0.80$).

My order was immediately shipped after I chose my replacement items. It only took a few days before I received it through the mail. There was a tracking number so I knew exactly where it was There are 3 shipping methods available, so I chose the middle one. I think it was AIR, which seems to mean airplane.

I was really excited when I received my package. My boyfriend was coming over an hour later so I rushed a small haul video and proceeded to take pictures afterwards. I don't have any picture of the package, but it was a simple bubble envelope. I saw on some haul videos about this store that she also uses boxes when your order is bigger.

The envelope was pretty effective since everything arrived safely. Each item was also in a small plastic bag to protect it.

Here we are! Let me show you pictures of what I got. I won't be comparing them to the original images from the website since everything was identical.

 1. Pig pencils (San-X)

 Those pencils are very cute and shiny. I love the design of the pig on them, it is so adorable. The only downside is that those were pretty expensive compared to the rest.

 2. Miss Bunny hair tie

This hair tie of Miss Bunny is adorable and can stretch a lot. It even had the Disney tag to prove it is genuine. In fact, everything had the tags when they were from Disney or Sanrio.

 3. Bean Bear stickers

This is one of the 2 items I took to replace the item they didn't have in stock. These stickers are very cute and seem sturdy. For only 0.80$, it is a good deal!

4. Cat stickers pack
This pack includes hard and thick stickers as well as regular stickers in the back. They are great quality stickers with a wide variety of cute cat designs.

5.Bear and bunny stickers pack

These are very similar to the ones above, including thick and regular stickers. They even have those thick sparkly hearts you can see above the other stickers of the pack. I absolutely love the designs of those cute animals.

6. Miss bunny stickers pack
 I was hesitating a lot between Miss Bunny and Marie Cat packs, but then I noticed that both had the same Dinsey characters in them so I only took this one. The stickers are really cute but the pack only includes regular ones and no thick ones.

7. Miss Bunny notebook
Not too small and not too big, this notebooks is really useful and doesn't take too much room if you want to carry it in a bag or purse. There is a plastic cover with Miss Bunny, and then the paper cover underneath is a plain sparkly surface. 

8. Miss Bunny letter set
I don't own anything to write letters to people so I was excited to buy a set for so cheap. I didn't open it yet, but of what I see there is paper and matching envelopes. The size is just perfect and I can't wait to use it!

9. Stitch big notepad
This is the picture I took of the plastic cover. But after seeing the beautiful and colorful different page designs, I decided to show them too. There are 6 different designs in total.

I really needed a notepad since I only have sticky notes with not enough space to write on so this was a perfect choice. It is very big and each page is pleasant to look at.

10. Marie pill box

 This is the other item I ordered to replace the missing one. I often go sleepover at friends house so I figured this would be perfect for travel. I carry a lot of various pills because I prefer to be preventive and have they with me. I almost never use them, but at least I feel safe. This box can contain a wide variety and has a top and bottom level. The bottom one has small spaces and the top one has 2 big ones It is a very sturdy and useful item if you travel a lot. It even has a chain if you can to attach it to something.

 Free gift! 

I read online that the owner often gives free gifts. In fact, someone was saying that she always gives a free gift when you order from her site but I can't be sure since it is my first time ordering and that I ordered for a fair amount. I was grateful about those free stickers; they were even on my list when I had too many items in my cart!

Site navigation: 4/5
The website is well organized and you can choose the order the items are shown (price, brand, characters, etc.) Sometimes it did was a bit confusing, but overall I had a nice time looking at everything on the site.

Item prices: 5/5
Bigger items are of course more expensive, but considering everything is genuine the items are very affordable. In my local stores, all these items would go for way higher than what they were listed for on Janetstore. Even with more expensive shipping it was worth it. And it was very sweet of them to include a free gift too!

Shipping rate: 3.5/5
Shipping is a bit of a downer when you want to check out. The least I was able to get was 19$ for my current order via airplane. There was a cheaper option but it was less secure and would take a lot of time to get to me. I can understand though why it was that price and as a seller I find that those rates were fair. I was happy to get a tracking number too.

Shipping speed: 5/5
My items were shipped out as fast as possible and got to me in no time. If I remember right, it took less than a week to get to me in Canada from Taiwan.

Item packaging: 5/5
I a bit worried when I saw that I got a simple bubble envelope from the postman, but each items were wrapped individually. They all got to me without a single scratch.

Item accuracy: 5/5
Everything was identical to the website pictures and descriptions.

Communication: 5/5
As soon as they noticed that one of my items wasn't in stock, they contacted me to tell me what was possible to do about it. It took only a few hours after I placed my order to receive their email. I chose the replacement items and maybe an hour or 2 after I sent my reply they shipped my package. Thei English was perfect and they were really kind.

Overall: 4.5/5
I will definitely shop on their website again! Shipping was fast and the items were affordable and so cute.

I hope this review/haul was helpful to the ones who wishes to buy cute goodies and were interested by this website.

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

St-Dolorès 2012

 After a bit of waiting, here is my post about our annual lolita meeting here in Québec province. I waited for the high quality pictures but the photographer hasn't released them yet so I guess I'll just make a new post when they are out.

In this post I am using a lot of pictures, not all of them are mine though. If you own a picture or are in a picture and want me to take it down, just tell me and I'll do so.

So last weekend (June 9th), we had our yearly meeting! I was so happy when I got up very early to see that the sun was shinning bright and that no rain was announced for the day.
For this year we were meeting on Mont-Royal at the Maison Smith. The second floor was reserved for us. Here is a small picture from their website so you can see what the place looked like.

Since it was so beautiful outside we spent most of the time taking pictures in the sun around the lake. Some lolitas needed to stay inside though because some people weren't there yet and we needed to be inside to welcome them so I stayed with a few others. I had forgotten to bring sunscreen so it wasn't a bad idea to stay inside for lunchtime anyways. I took some pictures of the inside while we were decorating the room and some during lunchtime.

After lunch we all went outside and went to the beautiful lake nearby. There were a lot of people though so they were quite curious about us. We were around 60 lolitas so we were drawing quite a lot of attention towards us.

We spent around an hour taking pictures under the sun. I don't know how I managed to stay white and don't get any sunburn, I will call it a summer miracle.

Here are most of the pictures that were taken by me and the others.

And finally, here are the pictures of us all together (except the ones taking the picture of course ;^^) I would suggest clicking on them so you can see the higher quality ones that are bigger.

After taking all those wonderful pictures and having a good time under the bright sun, around half of the lolitas, including me, went to Birk's Cafe. 

The bus trip was hilarious. Petticoats and frills take a lot of place in a bus! We had to squeeze to be able to all fit inside.

After a bus and subway ride, we finally arrived to Birk's Café! I had never been there before so I didn't know what to expect. It was pretty expensive for the afternoon tea, but after eating all that divine food, let me tell you that it was worth every single dollar! The place was so elegant that I was feeling cheap even dressed in AP almost from head to toe. But words cannot describe how good the food was and how beautiful the place looked like, so here are some more pictures to show you a bit better!


 And finally, we went to Chinatown after a very busy day. We had a small photoshoot (of which I am missing some pictures as of yet) and went to a popular lounge that serves bubble tea and japanese/chinese food.




That's it for our annual meeting. Hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures!
If I ever get my hand on the other pictures I'll post them here.

Thank you for reading!