Sunday, 17 June 2012

St-Dolorès 2012

 After a bit of waiting, here is my post about our annual lolita meeting here in Québec province. I waited for the high quality pictures but the photographer hasn't released them yet so I guess I'll just make a new post when they are out.

In this post I am using a lot of pictures, not all of them are mine though. If you own a picture or are in a picture and want me to take it down, just tell me and I'll do so.

So last weekend (June 9th), we had our yearly meeting! I was so happy when I got up very early to see that the sun was shinning bright and that no rain was announced for the day.
For this year we were meeting on Mont-Royal at the Maison Smith. The second floor was reserved for us. Here is a small picture from their website so you can see what the place looked like.

Since it was so beautiful outside we spent most of the time taking pictures in the sun around the lake. Some lolitas needed to stay inside though because some people weren't there yet and we needed to be inside to welcome them so I stayed with a few others. I had forgotten to bring sunscreen so it wasn't a bad idea to stay inside for lunchtime anyways. I took some pictures of the inside while we were decorating the room and some during lunchtime.

After lunch we all went outside and went to the beautiful lake nearby. There were a lot of people though so they were quite curious about us. We were around 60 lolitas so we were drawing quite a lot of attention towards us.

We spent around an hour taking pictures under the sun. I don't know how I managed to stay white and don't get any sunburn, I will call it a summer miracle.

Here are most of the pictures that were taken by me and the others.

And finally, here are the pictures of us all together (except the ones taking the picture of course ;^^) I would suggest clicking on them so you can see the higher quality ones that are bigger.

After taking all those wonderful pictures and having a good time under the bright sun, around half of the lolitas, including me, went to Birk's Cafe. 

The bus trip was hilarious. Petticoats and frills take a lot of place in a bus! We had to squeeze to be able to all fit inside.

After a bus and subway ride, we finally arrived to Birk's Café! I had never been there before so I didn't know what to expect. It was pretty expensive for the afternoon tea, but after eating all that divine food, let me tell you that it was worth every single dollar! The place was so elegant that I was feeling cheap even dressed in AP almost from head to toe. But words cannot describe how good the food was and how beautiful the place looked like, so here are some more pictures to show you a bit better!


 And finally, we went to Chinatown after a very busy day. We had a small photoshoot (of which I am missing some pictures as of yet) and went to a popular lounge that serves bubble tea and japanese/chinese food.




That's it for our annual meeting. Hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures!
If I ever get my hand on the other pictures I'll post them here.

Thank you for reading!

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