Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Coord

Hi lovelies!

Today, as you all know, was Halloween! Fortunately we were allowed to wear costumes at work so I was able to wear lolita all day! I must admit I wouldn't wear that wig for 9 hours straight again, but it was fun just for this once.

Here is the very simple coord I wore to work today for Halloween!
The quality isn't great, I took the picture when I came back tonight so it was dark outside. I didn,t get the time to take a picture this morning ;^^

Here a rundown of the coord:
Jsk and headbow - Angelic Pretty's Memorial cake
Wig - Gothic lolita wigs
Coat - Red queen's black legion
Bolero - Offbrand 
Bag - Girldorock
The rest (wristcuffs, jewelry, shoes, etc.) is mostly offbrand.

I know it's not much, but I still hope you liked my post.
Happy Halloween everyone!!!

(I may add a picture that my coworker took a bit earlier when I receive it)


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lolita Meeting St-Dolores 2013 and Update

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long time without any posts! I was very busy this summer. I moved in a new appartment, then had to finish my cosplays for Otakuthon and for Comic Con. Eveything was 1 month apart so I didn't get time to sit down and write new posts. I did get some ideas though and I attended a meeting this summer too. It's the big meeting we have once a year with every lolitas from the Quebec Province. It,s been maybe 2-3 months since the meeting but I'd still like to share it with you.

So as usual we had a big meeting near St-Dolores day. We were a bit less than last year I think but it was a rainy day so I guess it explains why a bit. I planned to wear my Cherry berry bunny and tried to loose weight to fit in it... but after a while I understood that I would never be able to fit in that particular version of the dress. The place where the waist is supposed to be sits on my rib cage... I cannot loose weight from there XD So I ended up wearing my Polka dot milky-chan applique jsk. It wasn't what I wanted, but I still liked to wear that particular dress again, it brought back memories of my first meeting.

This is the picture I took before heading out for the meeting. I don't usually wear wigs, but this time I really wanted to try it out with a lolita outfit.
I didn't manage to take a fullbody picture since all my stuff was already packed for my move the next day... so no big mirror XD I can still do an outfit rundown since it'll be visible on other pictures:

Jsk, headbow, milky-chan bag, bracelet, ring and parka: Angelic Pretty
Star clip: Chocomint
Wristcuff: Handmade (not by me)
Necklace: Swarovski
Shoes: Antaina

Unfortunately, like I said before it was a rainy day. Of course it will never stop us to have a meeting!
The subway ride was a bit tiring and I was really happy when I arrived at the meeting station. Everyone was so beautiful again this year!

This picture is pretty blurred, but it's me and my friend together at the subway station.

After everyone was there we went to a museum, the Musée du Château Dufresne.We took a big picture before going in though!

Everything was so beautiful inside! We visited the various rooms with a guide who explained the history of the castle. Explaining how gorgeous everything looked wouldn't be as effective as showing some pictures... so here we go!

Ok this one is kinda creepy...

After the museum visit, we went to Birks to drink tea again this year. It was as good as I remembered it from last time. While I must admit that it is expensive for an afternoon tea, I do think it is worth it!

After the tea the group split up and we went to the old port in Montreal to take a few pictures (I don't have most of them yet) and enjoy the free time we had.


With little time left, we finished the day at a bubble tea lounge in Chinatown.

It was a great meet and I look forward to the next one! I cannot attend every meet because of my job schedule, but when I can I'm very happy to go there!

Another thing I did this summer related to lolita is participating in a lolita calendar project! The teaser for my month (March) just came out today and I'm quite happy with the picture. The theme for that month was Easter/Rabbit. You can't see on the teaser picture but I'm wearing the BTSSB bunny earmuffs together with the fancy box jsk. Credit goes to sandra sunshine photographer.

Hope you enjoyed this kind of come back post!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Big Lolita HAUL!!!

Hi lovelies!

I'm finally ready to show you what I got on Taobao, Angelic Pretty international and Yahoo Auction!

I received my items last week but I had to take proper pictures before posting an article.

I'll start with what I got off Yahoo Auction JAPAN.
As promised I'll explain how the website works too. It's very user friendly in fact. All you need to do is create and account on buyee if you want to bid on an article. The little sign appears automatically when you look at an item. They basically ask for your info and credit card if I remember right. You need to click on the buyee option of an item to go to their version of the page and them you decide on the amount you want to bid. Once the auction is finished and you won the item (surprisingly no one bid on either of the items and I won each time) they just charge you the basic shipping inside Japan and the price of the item on your card. After a day or 2 they will have in hand your item(s) and charge you shipping to your location. Most of the time it is almost the price of the item, meaning about 1,500 - 1,700 yen in my case. I guess if you order for more the price will still stay in that range depending on the weight of the item.

The packages arrived very fast. One of my item was a ring and the funny thing is that the ring was in 3 different enveloppes... it was very awkward to open. I felt like if I was opening a matryoshka.

So here are the items I got.
Memorial cake headbow in black and Lyrical bunny ring, both from AP.
I had been searching for the full headbow for more than a year now. I have the side bow one and I really wanted to have the full one in black or blue... and I finally found it! I wore it last Sunday and it felt awesome.

Anyways, they were both in 'like new' condition, like the text stated.

Next up is the pair of socks I ordered from AP's international website. I rarely order there since it comes up quite expensive when you add up the costs, but I really wanted those socks... so yeah I ended up ordering them when they got a restock in the color I wanted. I don't really know the name of the socks, but I would guess it is something like Shy Bear OTK.

As always, the items came in a very cute pink envelope made of an AP bag. They were well packed and I had to cut the bag once again. There was a new model of sticker inside though, this is my first time coming accross this design. I did get a small AP bag inside the enveloppe though.

The socks are very pretty and I love the pompom on the back. My boyfriend told me they looked like what the animals have at the back of their feet... but hey I still find them cute and comfortable.

The next place I bought from is Taobao.
Again I'll explain how I proceeded since it was my first time trying it out.
I used a Taobao agent (shopping service in other words) called Taobaospree. I had already asked them about other items in the past but each time I had to cancel because it was more expensive then what I had planned. And again it ended up that way, but this time I wanted to go through with my order.

I ordered 2 boleros and a pair of shoes from An-Tai-Na.
The whole lot must've cost something like 120$, which was more than what I expected, again. The shipping cost from them to me was horrible. It ended up costing 60$, which I find too much for a pair of shoes and 2 light weight boleros... anyway, it was still less expensive than buying those on EGL comm I guess.

They used a fair sized box and all my items were inside the shoebox.

I ordered the shoes in size 23,5 or 24, I'm not sure. It fits tightly, but it is not uncomfortable like my boots.
 Sorry for the weird socks, I forgot to change them before trying on the shoes.

The 2 boleros/cardigans came in weird sizes. I remember that the dirty pink one was a one size that could go to more than my measurements and the light pink one was in 3L, because that was my size according to their chart (it came from a gyaru store).

In the end, the dirty pink one is too small on my shoulders and the light pink one is way too large but the sleeves are too short... that's always the same story with the sleeves, even in the local sotres here. Despite that, I still find them cute. I may end up selling the long-sleeved one since it looks a bit silly on me, being too large and too short at the same time. I'm not too fond of the front and back lace either.

The last item I purchased is a Loris replica of the lyrical bunny bag from AP. I bought the replica because I didn't have time to wait for the real one to pop up on EGL or elsewhere. I need it for a meeting at the beginning of June. I will probably end up buying the real one in the future, but for now the replica is fine. I like how the quality is way better than what I expected. Having an AP vinyl bag already, I see very minor difference in quality with this one, the difference is mostly in the details. I bought it on Ebay from Girlsdorock I believe.

That's it for my big HAUL. Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Please have a nice day!


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Little Update

Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since the last time I wrote something, I'm very sorry.
I was busy with all sort of things and kinda got away from lolita but now I'm back! I bought a lot of stuff on Taobao and yahoo auction so I'll be able to review and talk about both sites very soon. In fact, as soon as I get my items I'll write both reviews :)

I'm also working on my coord for our big annual lolita meeting and I can't wait to be there! I'll be moving in a new appartment right the next day too so it'll be a really nice and important weekend on the 8-9th of June. I need to begin to pack my stuff soon!

The only downside is that I need to lose 15 lbs (minimum) to fit in my dress and I don't seem to make big progress at the moment... if you have any advices, please feel free to tell me. Eating healthy would be fine, but money is a big obstacle towards that so I need to find a way to lose weight without spending too much on food. I wish healthy food was cheaper than bad food really... Anyways I may make some kind of journal about my progress if you are interested? It may help me get motivated too!

Also, I do have another blog I plan to begin very soon, it's about anime, cosplay and video games so if you are interested the link is here:

I think this is about everything I had to update you on.
Please have a nice day or night (depending on where you live)!