Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Coord

Hi lovelies!

Today, as you all know, was Halloween! Fortunately we were allowed to wear costumes at work so I was able to wear lolita all day! I must admit I wouldn't wear that wig for 9 hours straight again, but it was fun just for this once.

Here is the very simple coord I wore to work today for Halloween!
The quality isn't great, I took the picture when I came back tonight so it was dark outside. I didn,t get the time to take a picture this morning ;^^

Here a rundown of the coord:
Jsk and headbow - Angelic Pretty's Memorial cake
Wig - Gothic lolita wigs
Coat - Red queen's black legion
Bolero - Offbrand 
Bag - Girldorock
The rest (wristcuffs, jewelry, shoes, etc.) is mostly offbrand.

I know it's not much, but I still hope you liked my post.
Happy Halloween everyone!!!

(I may add a picture that my coworker took a bit earlier when I receive it)


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