Thursday, 19 April 2012 review - Neutral

After watching a couple of good reviews on youtube for this website that sells cute jewelry, I thought it'd be a great idea to order from them. This website is of course,

I browsed the site a long time before I could decide on what I wanted. There was a lot of choice and everything looked good to me. After I included everything I liked the most, the cart was at 70$. I couldn't afford it so I reduced it to 7 items for 30$ with free shipping. That seemed very decent for the items I had ordered.

Shipping took almost a month. It had tracking but it began to work only after a week or 2. I think my package needed to be in Canada in order to make the tracking number work. The shipping was free so I can't really complain that it took long. Anyways, there was a 3 days delay due to an error from Canada post and that is not their fault at all.

So this morning I got a really small box in the mail. I was surprised that everything could fit in that tiny box! I don't have any pictures, but it was around 15 cm long and maybe 10 in height. There was bubble wrap around the pieces and everything was packaged individually in plastic bags. But plastic bags can't protect anything in my opinion.

Before receiving my package, I had researched on the website a bit more, and what I found made me fear that my things would all be crap. The good reviews are from youtubers that received the items for free with a fast shipping. When dealing with regular customer, they seem to be way less careful!

Anyways, so here is what I got. I'll be comparing the website pictures with my own pictures so you can see the items that were true to the photo and the ones that weren't at all!

The first item I got is a rhine stone bear with crown necklace. It seems to be a replica from Juicy Couture.

GoFavor's picture:

My picture:

Score: 4/5
Despite it not being the same as the picture, it looks pretty cute. There's a stone misplaced on the nose, but I think I may break it and glue it back in the correct position.

The next item I got  is the vintage pumpkin carriage necklace.

GoFavor's picture:

My picture:

Score: 1/5
Well this one arrived broken. It is easy to fix, but still... the quality is awful. It doesn't look like the picture at all. The details are messy and the gold is more of an antique one. The wheels are really uneven and there's no rhinestones at all on them! I'm very disappointed in this item that was almost 5$, which is a lot on this website. I know you get what you pay for, but I can find better jewelry at the dollar shop honestly.

The third item I got was a vintage headset necklace.

GoFavor's picture:

My picture:

Score: 4/5
I really like this item. It is way bigger than I expected but the quality is satisfying. It has some flaws, but overall it looks great! The chain is very long and the headphones are pretty heavy. It looks almost exactly like the website's picture.

The fourth item I got is a little bow ring, in the pink colourway.

GoFavor's picture:

My picture:

Score: 4/5
When I pulled this ring out of the plastic bag I noticed the flaws (small stains and pink bleeding on the silver) and thought I wouldn't like it, but when I put it on I found it looked very good. From afar it looks simply adorable. I wore it all day at work and it didn't break so I would say it is really study. I lift heavy frames at my work and I'm happy this ring survived the ride. The only thing I can complain about is the fact that the rhinestone isn't pink like on the picture.

The fifth item I ordered is an 'angel egg' cocktail ring.

GoFavor's picture:

My picture:

Score: 1/5
I had high expectations for this ring because of the beautiful pictures on the website. I'm very disappointed since the ring looks nothing like the picture in real life. And yes, the yellow on my close-up is not the reflect of the cupcakes, it's really yellow! There are a lot of yellow stains because there is silver paint missing! The ring is in one piece and not separated in the middle like it shows on the picture. The wings on the egg are not defined and it honestly looks horrible from close. I regret buying this, especially for 4$! There are tons of cute rings selling for less than this in local stores.

The sixth item I got was cat head ring with a crown and a tangling heart.

GoFavor's picture:

My picture:

Score: 4/5
This one turned out good. While there are still many flaws compared to the website's picture, I still really like it. It looks good put on. It is a bit big because of the tangling heart so I won't wear it for work, I don't want to break it.

Finally, the last item I got was a crown ring.

GoFavor's picture:

My picture:

Score: 2/5
While it looks cute and all. It is not similar to the website's picture. Instead of a bright gold, it is an antique gold. There are details on it, while the official pictures states that there shouldn't be any engraving around the crown. Extra details can be cool sometimes, but these are not done well. The thing that made me give it a bad score is the fact that it hurts when you put it on. The inside is not polished and it scratches a lot. I don't think I'll be able to ever wear it comfortably.

So overall I'm not very satisfied with my order. I payed 30$ and I don't feel like I got what I paid for. I know these can,t be top quality because for the cheap price (from 2 to 5$), but like I said earlier, I can find better at the dollar shop for some of them. At least, the 3-4 that I like will be worn a lot, I'm sure of it. That being said, don't bother trusting the youtube reviews, they are biased because of the fact that they wanted a good review and were very careful with the items they sent the reviewers.

Final score: 3/5
The website is definitely a hit or miss. I don,t think I will order from there again, but I wouldn't say not to order either. It really depends on which item you want.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Lolita Meme

As I have no inspiration or any will to take pictures today, I thought it'd be nice to do a little lolita themed meme I found around the internet! Don't hesitate to share your own answers with me too :)

Name and/or nickname:

Montréal, Canada

21 years old (yes I'm old!)

LJ screen name:

Do you plan on lying in this survey in order to make you look more loli?
No, how can you look more loli... than loli?

How long have you been into lolita?
I only started wearing it around 2 years ago.

How did you find out about lolita?
I've been into anime for a long time and I do think I found about it on the internet when I was in high school a while ago. I've been attracted to the style since then.

What's your favorite style?
I really like the sweet lolita look since I've always liked everything that is cute and sweet!

What do you like most about lolita?
The way it makes you look really cute and feminine without being sexy at all.

What do you dislike most about lolita?
Rude people! They are everywhere!!!

What's the most difficult thing about being lolita?
Being able to wear it often! Where I work I can't wear anything that is not chic or elegant, which is really not my thing. I wish I could wear lolita everyday. That's why I'm working on getting more casual items.

What's the best reaction you've gotten in loli?
People shouting at me that I look beautiful. I'm turning red everytime XD

What's the worst reaction you've gotten in loli?
Well I've been insulted and filmed without my consent and people kinda tend to look under my JSKs... which is really awkward.

What's your favorite brand(s)?

Angelic Pretty is my favorite so far. I also like Baby the Star Shine Bright.

What's your favorite accessory?
Big headbows! I love bows so much, wearing one on my head is the best thing for me.

Whats your favourite color combo?
I love blue/pink and black/pink.

What do you think about black and white combos?
They are tricky to wear because it can look 'ita'. But it is possible to make a great coord with experience.

Who or what has the biggest influence on your style?
I don't really know... I take my inspiration mostly on the internet but not from a person in particular.

What do you think about lolis with tattoos?

I have one myself, but it is not really loli. It's a small pair of wings I got before getting myself into lolita. I'm totally for having tattoos in lolita, as long as they are of good taste. (I have the 3rd pair, I made the design myself).

How often do you dress lolita?
Not enough... Once a month maybe.

What magazines do you read?

None, I don't buy any.

What music do you listen to?

Japanese music, mostly Yuki Kajiura. I really like the mix of violin, beautiful voices and techno.

What's at the top of your wishlist?
I can't get enough milky-chan ahah. But I also want the cherry bunny JSK in red.

 What do people around you think about lolita?
My mom dislikes it, which I find sad. On the other hand my boyfriend finds it cute on me and my friends are approving it too. I think my dad knows about it but he never said anything. His girlfriend always compliments me about it so I guess it helps ahah.

Do you own brand?
Yes, mostly AP.

Can you sew?
Well... we'll see this weekend. I have a cosplay I'm working on for a con this summer and I'm beginning to sew it this Friday (with the help of my mom first).

Do you have more brand or commissioned/self-sewed/off-brand clothes?
I have more brand, only one of my dresses is bodyline, the rest is AP.

Do you think brand is worth its price?
Most of the time, yes. But sometimes I'm disappointed in some items when I receive them.

What was the first brand you bought from?
Angelic Pretty, it was the Milky-chan applique set (JSK and headbow)... best purchase ever!

Do you use a shopping service? If so, which one?
I never tried one, but I'm growing more interested by the day.

Finish the sentence:

Angelic pretty is…
A brand with really cute prints and accessories!

Baby the stars shine bright is…
A brand with more elegant pieces and some beautiful prints.

Moitie is…
A brand that is overpriced and which is too small for me most of the time, but it still has nice dresses.

Metamorphose is…
A brand with sweet, classic and gothic pieces.

Emily Temple Cute is…
Too small for me ahah. But really cute casual style.

Bodyline is…
Good for closet fillers and casual pieces.

What's your favorite theme/motif?
I absolutely love animal prints and accessories with faux fur! That's why I love milky-chan since the series has both!

 Do you like any other alternative fashions? ( i.e something you wouldn't regularly see on a catwalk)
I'm growing to love gyaru clothes, but I'm not suited for the style. I especially like hime gyaru.

 Would you consider yourself a lolita elitist?
Not at all. I'm far from being perfect myself and I think everyone should just enjoy wearing lolita no matter who they are inside or outside.

Have you ever been posted on lolita_fucks?
I don't know about this... so I guess not? Now I'm curious to check it out ahah.

Do you participate on lolita_fucks? Why?
Like I said previously, I never heard of it before the last question... so no.

Do you cosplay?
OH YEAH! I've been cosplaying for 4 years now. In fact I crossplay a lot since I don't have a really feminine body type. (Here's a picture from the mini-photoshoot we had at G-anime 2012 with some friends. I'm Sebastian Michaelis, in black. Click on it for good quality!).

Do you cosplay lolita?
I perfectly know that lolita isn't cosplay... what is this question XD?

Do you like anime?
Yes, I do a lot. Ever since I began watching Pokemon at 10, I never stopped watching animes. I wouldn't have studied in 2D animation if it wasn't for the animes I've watched since then. I regret nothing!

 What do you think about those who cosplay lolita?
Erm.. I find that lolita and cosplay are two different things. There are characters dressed in lolita, but I still consider this a cosplay, not cosplay lolita.

Have you watched Shimotsuma Monogatari?
I had to google the title to find out what it is ahah... yes I did watch it.

How many times? (don't lie now)
Once on youtube.

Are you like Momoko?

No, not really.

Do you want to be like Momoko?

Is Momoko your hero?
Still no ahah...

Mana's work or Novala's work?
I don't know Novala so authomatically I will answer with Mana's work.

Honestly, what do you think about Mana?
Well I liked Malice Mizer a while ago, I only found out about Mana afterwards. I find he is  good-looking, but I'm not particularly interested by him or his brand.

Do you think Mana invented loli?
No, but he is still very important in the gothic lolita fashion.

What do you think about Novala?
I don't know him... sorry.

How long does it take you to get ready?
When I'm going to work... 5 minutes? But if I'm going to a  loli meeting, 1 hour is more like it.

Do you wear a wig?
Nope, only my real hair. But sometimes I'm considering buying one to make a change.

Can you pull off a bonnet?
Yes I had one back when I had my lovely sweet room dress from BTSSB. But I sold it together with the jsk... the bonnet suited me better than the dress to be honest XD

Do you wear bloomers?
I wish I had a pair! Especially when people try to peek under my dress... I shall buy a pair soon.

Do you put on the petticoat before ... or after your skirt/dress?

What makeup do you usually wear?
For work I only put on concealer and mascara. For a meeting I put on concealer, powder, pink or glittery eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner and mascara, and finally lipgloss.

Do you like nail art?

Yes I do.

Rocking horse shoes are…
Weird looking... I never tried a pair so I can,t say if they are comfortable or not.

How high are your highest heels?
I don't wear heels.

About what percentage of your income do you spend on loli?
Not much since everything goes into my rent, internet and food (I live alone unfortunately ;_;)... so that makes it 25% maybe? And that is when I can buy lolita. Sometimes I prefer spending it on cosplay too.

Plain socks or socks with designs on them?
I love designs... If I want plain I wear tights usually.

Knee high or higher?
Higher since I'm tall and knee socks look silly on me.

Describe your very first try at lolita.
Bodyline JSKs... I still have one of them though. The other one was black and white and really ita... I'm ashamed I wore it at school often lol (see picture for ita fail).

Your wardrobe consist of mostly what color?
Pink, black and blue.

Would you rather sacrifice all your lolita clothes or never be able to wear normal clothes again?
Well... this would be a very hard choice. If I could include casual lolita, I think I'd prefer dressing lolita everyday. But then again... I won't be wearing lolita at 60 years old. Let's say I'd stick to regular clothes for the sake of a easier life :/
Would you rather be in a world where you are the only person who wears and knows about lolita or live in a world where everyone wears lolita? (as in lolita would be the "normal" attire.)
I wouldn't mind being alone or being the same as everyone. But since I like being original, let,s say I'd like to be the only one.

Would you rather be the designer for major brand with a strict rule that you can't wear lolita at all, or would you rather be able to wear the clothes but all of them will purposely be the opposite of what you like?
Well... none of the above ahah. But if I don't have a choice, I'd design prints since I'm an illustrator.

If you had to wear one brand for the rest of your life which one would it be?
Angelic Pretty.

Do you read community/forum rules before posting?

Sometimes. I had t read them for the EGL sales comm.

Did you think they didn't apply to you?
Do you know how to check the memories?

How about the search function?
I can't seem to get the hang of it... but I'm trying!

Have you ever posted a question about petticoats on EGL?

Do you carry a doll/teddy bear with you? Why?
No... it'd be weird except if it is a purse for a lolita coord.

Do you read books?
Yes I do often. When I was in college I stopped, but since I graduated I began to read again.
Can you recommend any books new lolis would like?
I'm more into fantasy and sci-fi... It doesn't really apply to lolita. But maybe the golden compass? It was a very interesting series, even for adults.

What would you do if your significant other told you they didn't like lolita?
I would tell him that he has the right to wear what he wants and so do I. I'm happy I didn't have this issue with him though :)

What would you do if your significant other told you not to wear it anymore?
I wouldn't be happy... I've been with him for over 3 years now, I guess it'd mean he wouldn't accept who I am anymore, not just the fashion. I guess I would seriously question our relationship D:

Ideally, what would your significant other's style be like?

Whatever he wants ahah. As much as I'd like, I know he wouldn't feel or look good in kodona clothes XD

Have you ever thought about stopping lolita? Why?
No, not really. Sometimes when I'm having hard time, I know it'd be easy to just sell all my pieces... but I cherish them too much for that.

Would you rather be stuck in an island with Mana or Novala?

Mana never speaks... so I guess Novala would be best even if I don't know who he is... well I do know he is a designer now (thanks wikipedia!).

Who's your favourite loli model?
I like a lot of girls on daily lolita. I have no particular favorite. I do watch Shelby, libellule and rosie on youtube.

What are your favorite 3 places on the net? (that are related to loli)
EGL sales comm, daily lolita and the main EGL community.

How many real life lolita friends (I.E not on the internet) do you have?
My community... I'm closer to maybe 10ish people?

What is the most expensive lolita thing you've bought so far? How much was it?
The Fancy Box complete set. It was around 500-530$ with shipping.

Do you think there's an age limit to lolita? If so what is it?
No, as long as you have fun and feel comfortable wearing it!

Keeping in mind what's released by each brand each season, what's your favourite season?
Winter, because of the earmuffs and coats.

What do you think about boys who wear loli? (and I mean loli and not aristocrat, ouji, etc)
I don't have any particular opinion. If they are enjoying themselves and love the fashion, I don't see any problem.

Do you have a favorite artist? (as in painter, animator etc.)
It is not related to lolita, but I like the work of Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited away, Howl's moving castle).

Name every un-loli aspect of yours.
I guess cosplay is one. I also like to dress in boys clothes when I don't feel like squeezing myself in women's clothes (and mostly when I'm at home). I don't like cleaning, so my apartment, despite being full of cute stuff, is really messy. I also often don't put much attention to my hair and make-up on regular days because it allows me to sleep more. Also, I love video games a lot and I'm a total geek... and proud to be one! And also... I LOVE POKEMON... Yes, I said it.

Name all your lolita aspects.
I have cute stuff and plushies everywhere. Every time I buy something for my apartment, I always want to pick the cutest option possible. I drink tea often because it helps reduce digestive problems and stress, I also like desserts a lot. When I do put attention to my make-up and hair, I always try to make it the cutest way possible. I really like looking cute/girly XD

What does lolita mean to you? Is it just a fashion? Is it a lifestyle? A passing phase? Something else completely? Why do you care about the fashion? Please explain yourself as well as possible. Don't be afraid of getting mushy. hell, I encourage you to get mushy.
For me, lolita is a fashion, a way to meet other people with the same interests as you and also a good occasion to have fun and feel pretty. It do is a lifestyle of you consider the fact that it takes up a lot of money and therefore affects your life. I do think I'll wear lolita for a long time since I look younger than my age. When I do need to stop when I get too old (in my opinion), I'll still keep most of my clothes and give them to my children if I happen to have a girl. If not, I guess I'll just keep them as a souvenir.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Lolita Basics

Hi there!
Again I feel bad for not posting in a long time, I'll try to be more active really soon^^

While thinking about what could be my next post, I noticed I have never talked about the basics of the lolita style, which is very important! So here I go :D

To achieve the lolita look (for any style), there are a few things that are mandatory. I'll go from the lowest layer to the top one so it'll be easier to read.


The first most important thing would be the petticoat. It is what gives the lolita dresses that beautiful bell shape. It is important to invest in a good petticoat right from the start since it is what makes most of the lolita fluffy look. There are 2 types of petticoats:

A-line petticoat
As its name suggests, it is shaped like the letter A.

It gives this effect when it is under a dress.

Cupcake petticoat
It is shaped like the top of a muffin/cupcake or even a bell.

It looks like this when under a dress.

A petticoat doesn't necessarily need to be white. There are various colors and you can choose the one that matches the lace of your dress/skirt better or just pick your favorite color.

There also exist different lenghts of petticoats for longer dresses or skirts. The volume of poof is important too since not every petticoat gives the same amount of poof. There is no particular rule for that, it is most likely to your discretion. Sometimes, there are dresses that won't allow much room for poofyness while others will look bad without a super fluffy petticoat. 


It is hard to establish a set order to list those lolita essentials, but I do think that the next up is the top since it is very important to put under or over a dress. It is even more important when you wear a skirt since it is not covered by anything. If you are wearing a onepiece dress, you won't need a top though. That is the only exception I can think of at the moment.

There are 4 types of tops to match with your dress or skirt. 

The blouse is probably the most common top used to wear under a jsk or with a skirt. There are long-sleeved blouses and short-sleeved ones.  The colors again vary a lot to allow you to coordinate them well with all your lolita clothes. There are differences between sweet blouses, classic and gothic ones, but they basically have the same base.

Long-sleeved blouses
They tend to have detachable sleeves to allow you to get a short-sleeved blouse if the weather is too hot. They usually have lace and sometimes bows and neckties, as do the short-sleeved ones.

 Detachable sleeves

Short-sleeved blouse
It is basically the same as the long-sleeved blouse, but with of course short sleeves. The are perfect if you have long arms since sometimes you could have difficulty finding a blouse with sleeves long enough for you.

Cardigan and bolero
Those two are very similar. The bolero is a bit shorter and smaller than the cardigan, which goes down to the hips or lower waist. Those can basically feature almost anything related to your lolita style and be of any color you need to fit your coordinate. They can feature bows, fur, lace, stylized buttons, appliques and much more. Both these tops are easy to find in regular stores if you take the time to look carefully.

Like I said above, those cover your whole upper body until your lower wait or hips and usually have buttons all the way through.

The bolero is short in lenght and can have short or long sleeve. It usually snaps on together with a ribbon or a few buttons.

Cutsews are basically regular shirts with cute applique or bows/laces. They can have long or short sleeves and be of any color, they can even be in the form of a camisole. Some even have buttons or pearls. Those can also be found in regular stores sometimes. There also exist cutsew dresses, which can be worn on their own and are not meant to be put under or over a dress.


Well that part is obviously one of the most important! It is the main piece of your lolita outfit. You can wear either a jumperskirt, a onepiece, a salopette or a skirt (except for the kodona style which can include pants).

Jumperskirt (JSK)
A jumperskirt is basically a skirt attached to a bodice without sleeves. You need to wear something under or over the top part if you don't want to be bare arms. There is a wide variety of different types of JSK. It can have a bustier, no straps at all, halterneck, shirring at the back, cute prints, patterns, bows, lace, and much more! I cannot possibly put an example for each model that exists unfortunately since there are so many of them!

Onepiece (OP)
Onepieces are simply dresses that are complete by themselves. They already have sleeves, short or long, so you can wear them on their own. Like the JSKs, they come in many styles and with a wide variety of details, patterns, etc.


Skirts are often easier to wear at work or school since they look more casual. They sell for less than the JSKs or OPs but have a smaller waist if they are not custom made. They also come in various styles and colors. High-waist skirts are a bit different since they have a corset or lace at the back. The regular skirts are worn at the waist. Miniskirts, even if made by brands, are not really considered lolita since they cannot allow enough room for a petticoat to give the lolita shape and are way to short.


Salopettes are a bit less popular but still really cute. I never owned one, but my guess is that you can still put a small petticoat underneath to give it a little poof and shape. As the JSK and OP, you will need to wear a blouse or cutsew under it.


It is really important in lolita to avoid showing bare legs, except in case of really hot weather. With your dress or skirt, you can either wear socks or tights.

There are two types of socks, OTK and knee socks. OTK simply means over the knee. While most lolita prefer OTK because they cover your legs better, knee socks can also look really cute and are easier to find in local stores. They come with various patterns, colors and even laces or fur sometimes. I find that it is pretty fun and challenging to try and match socks with different dresses.

You all know what tights are, so I don,t think I need to explain it. All sort of tights can do, as long as they fit with the dress you want to wear. They can be glittery, have patterns or even be made of lace. There also exist lolita tights made by brands, but they are as good as regular ones found at local stores.




Accessories are always a nice addition to a coord. It is very rare to see a lolita without any accessory, especially if you consider headbows and barettes too. Again, the accessories you choose really depend on the style you are wearing. There are head accessories, necklaces, bangles, rings, pins, purses... and I'm sure I am forgetting a lot.

Head accessories
As the title mentions it, head accessories include everything you can put in your hair when you dress in lolita. Headbows, barettes and headdresses are relatively common, while bonnets and berets are seen less often. Some hats and earmuffs can also be considered lolita.


There is a lot of choice of jewelry for the lolita fashion. Again, it really depends on the style you are wearing too. But basically, the types of jewelry stay the same. There are necklaces, bangles, rings and pins/brooches. I will include Wristcuffs here too since I don't think it is necessary to make a section just for them and they are worn to the wrist like a bangle.

Purses and totes
Lolita purses also come in various styles and are mostly essential if you are carrying stuff around at a meet-up or just in your daily life. They can be elegant purses, a cute pink bag with a bow, a stuffed animal or even a treasure chest! They usually are not that big and it can be inconvenient for some occasions. In those cases, there also exist tote bags that are larger than the purses. Of course there do exist some purses that are bigger, but I wasn't lucky yet.

Other cute goodies
There are some other accessories that I didn't mention since I couldn't put them in a particular cathegory and also since they are not necessary at all. Fur collars, gloves, plushies, phone straps... I'm sure there are more but these are the only ones I can think of. Those are not really included in the lolita basics, but I just wanted to give them a little place in my post. I think I'll make a post entirely on them soon.


Of course shoes are necessary to achieve the lolita look! There are a whole bunch of different shoes like tea parties, rocking horse shoes, high heels, low heels and boots. It is important to choose well and take the right size because you will be walking a lot in these if you go to meet-up. They tend to be a bit less comfortable than regular shoes, that's why you need to make a good choice for your first pair.

Like I said above, they come in various styles and colors. They can come with high or low heels, with bows, ribbons, pompoms, they can even be runnings! The only rule to follow is of course, the fact that they should match your coord.

You can't really wear regular lolita shoes when there is snow or when it,s really cold outside, so of course there are lolita boots. You can find some in local stores too, especially the long ones with pompoms. Like the shoes, they can be any colors and have all sorts of cute details like fur, pompoms and bows.

Finally, I think I went over all the basics I know. If I am missing something, if you see mistakes or if the images don't work, please tell me and I'll make the corrections!

Thanks a lot for reading, I hope this helped for those who needed to know about the basics!

If you have any ideas of what I could be writting next, don't hesitate to make suggestions in the comments!
See you soon!