Thursday, 13 December 2012

Secret Shop Ankle Boots review

Yes, I'm doing another review! 2 in 2 days is quite a lot for me but I did receive 2 packages almost at the same time so this is the second one.

Those boots kinda have a big story behind them. It was quite an adventure to get them.
Let me explain...

I pre-ordered these boots a year ago on
I chose the pink and white ones at that time. I do wish I had chosen the black ones, my taste and needs kinda changed in a whole year.

Everything that happenned wasn't the sellers fault. It was the manufacturer first. They took a whole year before beginning to produce the boots. So they were only shipped to me a month and a half ago. And as you can guess, the shipping was REALLY slow because there was some problem with Canada post at the time. So it basically took a bit more than a year to receive them.
But that isn't the shop's fault of course. They did their job and were very nice with me, answering my questions every time I had one within 24 hours.

On with the actual product now!

They look really cute. But I had forgotten that lolita boots quality is usually pretty bad compared to regular boots that you buy in stores. They're not meant to wear for a long time or in the snow. They aren't really comfortable but at least they are my size and fit me. I don,t feel really stable on these heels, I'm afraid they will break, but that might just be because I'm not used to them. I'll give them a try soon to see if they can support me correctly.

 I have nothing bad to say about the bow and heart jewel, it's really cute and it's one of the reasons why I wanted those boots.

The fur is removable. But that is kind of a problem in my opinion. There isn't any zipper on the fur. You have to slide it past your foot and put the boot on, then slide it on the top of the boot. It's quite laborious and complicated. You cannot be in a hurry if you want to put them on with the fur. The fur isn,t large enough for my feet, even though the boots are the right size so I have some difficulties sliding on the fur. I don't have problems to take the fur off though.

As you can see they are from secret shop. I'm guessing the quality is very close to the original AP ones. I wouldn't pay more than what I paid for them since they aren't that good quality so I'm good with the replicas.

That,s what they look on me. I don't have the right socks on so it's a bit awkward. They are a bit big all around, but I have very narrow so it's the case with almost every shoe there is.

I do have a little complain about the fur though. I bought faux fur at the fabric shop where I work for a few bucks and wanted to compare it with the boots' fur. I'm disapointed in the fur they used for the boots It looks cheaper than what it looked like on the official picture. I really wanted a fluffy type of fur. I might remake the fur toppers and glue the bows to them. I might also add a zipper or velcro so they can be removed more easilly.

I give them a 3.5/5
I'm not including the shipping and factory delays because it wasn't the seller's fault at all.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 review - Positive

Hi lovelies!

It's been quite a long time since the last time I posted a review on here. Well today I received my jewelry order from I was pretty excited since today is my birthday and it was a nice gift to receive it that exact date (12/12/12 is an awesome date number don't you think?).

So on with the review!

The package arrived around a week and a half after it was posted to me. It came with a tracking, which is quite handy!

Everything arrived in a tiny tiny box. I didn't know it could fit all in there, but it did! Everything was very well packaged in journal sheets and plastic bags. A necklace even had 2 plastic bags, one for the chain and one for the pendant. Needless to say that everything made it here in one piece and in perfect shape.

I ordered 5 things from Cnsfashion. I'll review each piece separately with pictures of both the website and of my own to compare.

1. Dreamy Solomon Moon Pendant Necklace (blue)  

Price - 4.99$

Website picture:

My pictures:

I'm really surprised by the quality of this necklace, it is definitly good quality. The sparkle of the stones is simply beautiful. I'm happy I took the blue one, it has a bit more difference between the colors than the pink one. It's well worth its price and it even looks better than the website's picture in real because of the sparkles! The chain seems study and has some nice detailing.

Note: 5/5

2. Cute Enamel Kitten Cat Earring Necklace Set

Price - 2.99$

Website picture:

My pictures:

This one is really cute and simple. I love how it came as a set with the earrings for this cheap price. After inspection, I don't see any default whatsoever. The quality is a bit lower than the Solomon necklace, but that's understandable since the price is also lower and you get earrings with the necklace. So, more for less!
Note - 4/5

3. Sweet Pave Red Crystal Heart Bow Drop Dangle Earrings

Price - 5.99$ 

Website's picture:


My picture:

Again they are exactly like the ones on the website's picture: tiny, cute and sparkly! They are sweet and elegant at the same time, which works both for lolita or at my job. There's no stone missing and they are great quality. But I'll need to be careful with the delicate stone chain because it can tangle easily when you try to put them on. Once worn though it's not a problem.

Note: 4.5/5

4. Cute Critter Alligator Earring Ring Set

Price - 3.99$

Website's picture:


My pictures:

After earrings and necklace set, why not a ring and necklace set? I really love this one! I'm in love with those little  lolita-esque alligators. The ring is big and has an elastic band as you can see on the last picture. It's really handy since it can fit a variety of sizes and it's quite comfortable for the ring's size; I could see myself wearing it at work. I usually have problems finding rings that suits my finger size, but this one is a perfect fit! Again I'm glad that this comes as a set. If there was a necklace available, I would definitely want it to complete the collection. 

Note: 5/5

5. Loverly Color Rhinestone Octopus Stud Earrings

Price - 4.99

Website's picture:


My pictures: 

Last but not least, those pink little octopus earrings (and yes they are holding a red gun ahah). I've been eyeing those for a long time now on ebay I'm glad I finally got a pair. I do want the necklace and ring that exist too, but that'll be for another time. I know that they were originally produced by Betsey Jonhson, but I don't know if these are a replica or the real ones because the quality seems to be the same and the design is too. They are very small, cute and sparkly. This picture is taken from VERY close because they are so tiny; I'm surprised that the details are so well executed since it's hard to work with a surface that small. They're perfect if you just want a little sweetness on your ears and can't wear heavy or long earrings, which can become quite a burden in some situations.

Note: 5/5

Overall verdict

It was pleasure to deal with I received my items quickly and all in one piece because of the tight and individual packaging. Navigating on the website was easy and the pictures were more than accurate.

The staff was nice to me and I was quickly updated on the tracking as soon as they got it.

The prices are definitely fair, I could even say that the items are underpriced in some cases. Shipping also becomes free when you order over 15$, what more could be asked?

Overall, my experience was very pleasant and I will definitely order from them again!  

Final note: 4.5/5 


Thanks for reading!  





Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lolita Styles: Punk Lolita

Hi guys!

Today I'm finally continuing my Lolita Styles series with the Punk Lolita Style!

While I'm not really used to that style, I do know the basics of it and have friends who do dress in that style sometimes. I find it really cute and a bit rebel, I wouldn't mind trying it.
Let's take a look at the basics of this style.

The Punk style isn't that defined, it is a more creative style. You can explore and try unusual things. That's a very fun aspect of this style.

There aren't exactly rules for Punk lolita, but there still are things that come back often in coords. Usually, the dresses/skirts are shorter than usual. It is not a requirement, but it is acceptable to wear shorter skirts when dressed in Punk lolita. I've rarely seen people wear JSK or OP in punk lolita, it's often just a top and a skirt. The color combinations are usually black/red, black/purple, there can be white, yellow, green... basically you can mix black and any color. Black and pink too is a good looking combination, though a bit more on the cute side than the punk side.

Here are some color combinations examples:


As you can see, you imagination may well be the only limit to this lolita style! There are no particular prints, but some patterna that comes back often are plaid and pinstripe. There can be skull prints, cats, crosses, etc. There's absolutely no rules about it. Just put on what you think would make a great combination! As long as the different aspects of your coord fit together, your outfit will be great.

As for the top part of a Punk lolita coord, well most people wear a blouse or a cutsew/shirt. But there is always space for more creativity. It could be a tank top with a blouse or cutsew  underneath... or anything else. Here are some exemples I found of tops that can be worn in Punk lolita:


A few accessories come back often. The neck ties and ties are very popular. Chains, studs, skulls, spiders, cats and crosses are seen fairly often too. I won't show spider examples though since I suffer from arachnophobia ;^^ But you can still imagine the looks of it right?

The final part of this style would be the shoes! There you can go totally crazy. High heels, platforms, creepers... anything goes.

The hairstyles usually are pretty simple for Punk lolita. Most people seem to be keeping their real hair, but that's up to you... again there's no rule about it. Just do your hairstyle like you think it wuld look good with your coord. 

As for the poof of the skirts/dresses, it is preferred to keep it between small and medium. Punk lolita still keeps the bell shape, but it is a bit toned down since the skirts usually are a bit shorter and the outfit is less 'strict'.

I think that covers mostly anything about this style. The best brand for Punk lolita would be Putumayo. Most of the coords I showed in example were from their blog.

I hope this was a pretty complete view on this style.
Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Little life update

Hi lovelies!

I just wanted to make a quick update about my life/work. It kinda have something to do with lolita so I thought it would be good to mention the changes that happened recently in my life.

So I was working in a fast food restaurant not so long ago, but the conditions were pretty poor and I really wanted to quit. I worked there for about 2 months. I was really sad and didn't feel comfortable. I hated the fact that I couldn't take care of myself... I couldn't do my hair, couldn't put any make up on and couldn't put other clothes than the ugly uniforms (they weren't even comfortable). My legs were getting very ugly from all the time I stayed on my feet for too long and I really wanted to quit before it could get worse. In my family, every woman has problems with the veins in their legs and I know I am getting those really soon so I wanted to, at least, slow the process a bit and take care of my legs.

For all those reasons, I really had to quit. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find a job I really wanted to get. So I am now working in a fabric store! I saw a lot of great fabrics that could make dozen of beautiful lolita dresses. I can't wait to learn more about sewing and begin to make a few pieces by myself.

So this is what I am doing at the moment. I hope I'll be able to stay in that position for a long time and get the chance to finally work more on my personal projects.

I don't know yet which style I'll talk about next, but it should be soon.

Have a good day or night! (depending on your country).

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lolita Styles: Kuro and Shiro lolita

Hi guys! Long time no see!

I was pretty busy with my job and caught a cold so I stayed a bit away from my blog. Now I'm back with my lolita styles posts. There's quite a few that I didn't talk about yet.

So the ones I want to talk about today are Shiro and Kuro lolita. Shiro might be associated with Guro, but I will put this one in a different post later on since I think there is enough to say about it to dedicate an entire page to it.

So what does Kuro and Shiro mean? It.s quite simple. Kuro is black in Japanese and Shiro means white. Let's take a look at both styles separately.


So let's start with Kuro lolita. What is it exactly? The Kuro style simply means that a lolita who wears that style should dress only in black. Dresses can have white lace, but the rest must be black. I do think that black lace looks even better for Kuro since it really makes a completely black coord. Kuro is not the same thing as gothic. You don't include gothic accessories with Kuro. This style is mainly sweet or classic and the dresses shouldn't have any prints.

Here's a few dresses and skirts that could be good for Kuro coords:

Blouses, accessories, socks and shoes should also be black to achieve the Kuro look. It's not a very complicated style, but it looks very nice when it's done correctly. Here are some pictures I found as exemples:

I don't think there's anything more to say about the Kuro style since the concept is pretty simple. So let's move on to the Shiro style.


Shiro lolita basically has the same concept as Kuro lolita, but in a white version. There shouldn't be another color in the coord to achieve the Shiro look.

Again, here are some dresses and skirts that could be used for a Shiro lolita coord:

As in the Kuro style, the same rules apply. Accessories, blouses, socks and shoes must all be white. Here are some pictures of the style:

This style is also quite simple so I don,t really have anything more to say about it. It is always nice when you dress into Shiro or Kuro to have a friend dress in the opposite style. There,s a lot of good pictures of both style together that I found when browsing around for this post. I will share some here for you.

That's mostly it for the Kuro and Shiro styles. There are versions for the other colors too, but they don't really have a name yet since the aren't as popular as Kuro and Shiro.

Thanks for reading!