Thursday, 13 December 2012

Secret Shop Ankle Boots review

Yes, I'm doing another review! 2 in 2 days is quite a lot for me but I did receive 2 packages almost at the same time so this is the second one.

Those boots kinda have a big story behind them. It was quite an adventure to get them.
Let me explain...

I pre-ordered these boots a year ago on
I chose the pink and white ones at that time. I do wish I had chosen the black ones, my taste and needs kinda changed in a whole year.

Everything that happenned wasn't the sellers fault. It was the manufacturer first. They took a whole year before beginning to produce the boots. So they were only shipped to me a month and a half ago. And as you can guess, the shipping was REALLY slow because there was some problem with Canada post at the time. So it basically took a bit more than a year to receive them.
But that isn't the shop's fault of course. They did their job and were very nice with me, answering my questions every time I had one within 24 hours.

On with the actual product now!

They look really cute. But I had forgotten that lolita boots quality is usually pretty bad compared to regular boots that you buy in stores. They're not meant to wear for a long time or in the snow. They aren't really comfortable but at least they are my size and fit me. I don,t feel really stable on these heels, I'm afraid they will break, but that might just be because I'm not used to them. I'll give them a try soon to see if they can support me correctly.

 I have nothing bad to say about the bow and heart jewel, it's really cute and it's one of the reasons why I wanted those boots.

The fur is removable. But that is kind of a problem in my opinion. There isn't any zipper on the fur. You have to slide it past your foot and put the boot on, then slide it on the top of the boot. It's quite laborious and complicated. You cannot be in a hurry if you want to put them on with the fur. The fur isn,t large enough for my feet, even though the boots are the right size so I have some difficulties sliding on the fur. I don't have problems to take the fur off though.

As you can see they are from secret shop. I'm guessing the quality is very close to the original AP ones. I wouldn't pay more than what I paid for them since they aren't that good quality so I'm good with the replicas.

That,s what they look on me. I don't have the right socks on so it's a bit awkward. They are a bit big all around, but I have very narrow so it's the case with almost every shoe there is.

I do have a little complain about the fur though. I bought faux fur at the fabric shop where I work for a few bucks and wanted to compare it with the boots' fur. I'm disapointed in the fur they used for the boots It looks cheaper than what it looked like on the official picture. I really wanted a fluffy type of fur. I might remake the fur toppers and glue the bows to them. I might also add a zipper or velcro so they can be removed more easilly.

I give them a 3.5/5
I'm not including the shipping and factory delays because it wasn't the seller's fault at all.

Thanks for reading!

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