Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lolita Styles: Punk Lolita

Hi guys!

Today I'm finally continuing my Lolita Styles series with the Punk Lolita Style!

While I'm not really used to that style, I do know the basics of it and have friends who do dress in that style sometimes. I find it really cute and a bit rebel, I wouldn't mind trying it.
Let's take a look at the basics of this style.

The Punk style isn't that defined, it is a more creative style. You can explore and try unusual things. That's a very fun aspect of this style.

There aren't exactly rules for Punk lolita, but there still are things that come back often in coords. Usually, the dresses/skirts are shorter than usual. It is not a requirement, but it is acceptable to wear shorter skirts when dressed in Punk lolita. I've rarely seen people wear JSK or OP in punk lolita, it's often just a top and a skirt. The color combinations are usually black/red, black/purple, there can be white, yellow, green... basically you can mix black and any color. Black and pink too is a good looking combination, though a bit more on the cute side than the punk side.

Here are some color combinations examples:


As you can see, you imagination may well be the only limit to this lolita style! There are no particular prints, but some patterna that comes back often are plaid and pinstripe. There can be skull prints, cats, crosses, etc. There's absolutely no rules about it. Just put on what you think would make a great combination! As long as the different aspects of your coord fit together, your outfit will be great.

As for the top part of a Punk lolita coord, well most people wear a blouse or a cutsew/shirt. But there is always space for more creativity. It could be a tank top with a blouse or cutsew  underneath... or anything else. Here are some exemples I found of tops that can be worn in Punk lolita:


A few accessories come back often. The neck ties and ties are very popular. Chains, studs, skulls, spiders, cats and crosses are seen fairly often too. I won't show spider examples though since I suffer from arachnophobia ;^^ But you can still imagine the looks of it right?

The final part of this style would be the shoes! There you can go totally crazy. High heels, platforms, creepers... anything goes.

The hairstyles usually are pretty simple for Punk lolita. Most people seem to be keeping their real hair, but that's up to you... again there's no rule about it. Just do your hairstyle like you think it wuld look good with your coord. 

As for the poof of the skirts/dresses, it is preferred to keep it between small and medium. Punk lolita still keeps the bell shape, but it is a bit toned down since the skirts usually are a bit shorter and the outfit is less 'strict'.

I think that covers mostly anything about this style. The best brand for Punk lolita would be Putumayo. Most of the coords I showed in example were from their blog.

I hope this was a pretty complete view on this style.
Thanks for reading!


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