Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lolita Styles: Kuro and Shiro lolita

Hi guys! Long time no see!

I was pretty busy with my job and caught a cold so I stayed a bit away from my blog. Now I'm back with my lolita styles posts. There's quite a few that I didn't talk about yet.

So the ones I want to talk about today are Shiro and Kuro lolita. Shiro might be associated with Guro, but I will put this one in a different post later on since I think there is enough to say about it to dedicate an entire page to it.

So what does Kuro and Shiro mean? It.s quite simple. Kuro is black in Japanese and Shiro means white. Let's take a look at both styles separately.


So let's start with Kuro lolita. What is it exactly? The Kuro style simply means that a lolita who wears that style should dress only in black. Dresses can have white lace, but the rest must be black. I do think that black lace looks even better for Kuro since it really makes a completely black coord. Kuro is not the same thing as gothic. You don't include gothic accessories with Kuro. This style is mainly sweet or classic and the dresses shouldn't have any prints.

Here's a few dresses and skirts that could be good for Kuro coords:

Blouses, accessories, socks and shoes should also be black to achieve the Kuro look. It's not a very complicated style, but it looks very nice when it's done correctly. Here are some pictures I found as exemples:

I don't think there's anything more to say about the Kuro style since the concept is pretty simple. So let's move on to the Shiro style.


Shiro lolita basically has the same concept as Kuro lolita, but in a white version. There shouldn't be another color in the coord to achieve the Shiro look.

Again, here are some dresses and skirts that could be used for a Shiro lolita coord:

As in the Kuro style, the same rules apply. Accessories, blouses, socks and shoes must all be white. Here are some pictures of the style:

This style is also quite simple so I don,t really have anything more to say about it. It is always nice when you dress into Shiro or Kuro to have a friend dress in the opposite style. There,s a lot of good pictures of both style together that I found when browsing around for this post. I will share some here for you.

That's mostly it for the Kuro and Shiro styles. There are versions for the other colors too, but they don't really have a name yet since the aren't as popular as Kuro and Shiro.

Thanks for reading!

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