Friday, 7 September 2012

Tips for lolitas on a budget #1

Hi lovelies!

I wanted to write a little something before going to bed tonight and this subject came to my mind.
I myself am a lolita on a budget as I live alone and pay for everything. I figured I could be able to give some useful tips to those of you who suffer the same.

How to resist buying

The hardest about being on a budget in my opinion is to resist to the temptation of buying when you know you shouldn't. Countless times I've seen my dream dresses on EGL while I had no money at all. I've also made a lot of mistakes and bought things when I really couldn't do it. After making a few mistakes, I finally found some ways to resist the temptation.

Tip #1 - When I know I can't buy anything, I simply avoid EGL comm sales and lolita shops at all costs! If I can't see that my dream dress is there, I won't be tempted to buy it and I certainly won't regret not buying it if I don't know it was for sale in the first place.

Tips #2 - I found that taking the time to review all dresses from every brand/websites and making a new wishlist is quite fun and I can plan ahead what I'll be wanting to buy next. Planning your 'to buy' list in a down time is fun and it keeps you in touch with lolita even though you can't buy anything. The next time you'll have enough money to buy something you want, you'll know what you are searching for and also it will prevent you from buying things that aren't on your list.

Tip #3 -  I do am a compulsive buyer. I feel happy whenever I buy something, even if it's just food or everyday stuff like tooth paste or soap. So using the fact that I simply like buying things, I try to counter my need to buy lolita by going to dollar stores, thrift stores or cheap clothing stores and try to find some loliable items for great bargains. This satisfies my need to buy cute and fluffy things while not spending much at all. Sometimes I can just go out and buy Hello Kitty band aids or cute hairbows. I try to find things that I actually need, but in a cute version. I've come to buy less things than before over the months and am pretty satisfied about it.

That's mostly everything I can think about for now. It's pretty late now considering the hour I have to get up at tomorrow. I'll try to think about other tips I learned over the months about being on a budget and will probably write another part when I remember or learn new ones.

See you soon!

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