Sunday, 1 January 2012

Meeting: Lolita Tea Party winter 2011

So on the 29th of this December I went to a tea party with some of my lolita friends from the Qc-harajuku community. It was a lot of fun!

Here was my coord for the afternoon.

 It's not very elaborated since I only had 15 minutes to dress up and put some make-up on. I needed to go get my new pet, a little cute baby chinchilla and it was right before the meeting. But even without the best of coords, I was very happy to be able to wear out my brand new dream dress! I also received it just before I went to get my chinchilla. What a wonderful, but busy day!

We went to a small restaurant in Montréal specialized in sweets and teas, it is called Nocochi I believe. It was quite busy at the beginning but soon we were the only ones left in the restaurant, which was great because we could talk more calmly without all the noise around.

Note: Most of the pictures were taken by a fellow loli from the meeting (the one dressed in a white jsk from Fanplusfriend). I do not own them. Mine were all blurred so I couldn't really use them.

The girl who is taking the picture made each of us cute headbows, it was a really nice gift. I'm wearing mine on this picture.

The food was really good, even though the quantity was little. But after tasting the first pastries, I can understand they preferred quality over quantity.

The cupcake we all got was very yummy and made with real whip cream... omnomnom.


 After we were done eating and talking, we decided to take some pictures. The waitress helped use take some of them so we could be all together in a group picture at some point.

We decided to take a wonderful group picture at the very end of the meeting. It turned out pretty well! The waitress did a great job with this one.We decided to position ourselves according to height... you can guess I was the tallest loli that afternoon! It reminded me of when we were in Elementary school and had to take that position to go inside the school after each breaks.

Thus, the tea party ended. I was asked if I wanted a lift, which was really kind and I appreciated not being alone to return home. Overall I enjoyed this meeting and I found it was nice to have smaller meetings from time to time so we got more time to know each other and no one was left alone.

Thank you for the nice tea party!


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