Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Packages through the mail #3

Today I went to the post office and finally got my package from AP international website. It took them about 1-2 weeks to ship the package, but my guess is that it was because of the Holidays.

Here is the package as it was. It's only a big AP bag wrapped in a lot of tape and papers.

I had to rip it to open it. But fortunately they always give an AP bag inside and a sticker too. So this is what was inside:

The pony bag, the dramatic fur collar and the pony ring. Let's take a look at the collar first.

While it looks very cute, it is fragile. The pin broke on my first try to put it on. Fortunately it was easy to repair. But I'm quite disappointed to have paid that much for something so fragile and hard to put on. Only a really small pin keeps the 2 sides together and they were always falling apart when I tried to pin the bow back on it after putting it around my neck. But overall it is still cute, and my other items are much better!

Here is the big piece of my order. The pony bag in pink colorway! It's my second bag from AP, the first one being the Milky-chan plush bag. It's nice to have a brand bag that is not a plush, so I'm quite happy with my purchase.

The bag is very cute and sturdy. It is small but can still contain some essential items like a wallet and a phone. The is a star on the strap and the zip is also a small gold star.

And finally, here is a close-up of the ring. I ordered the lavender colourway since the pink was sold out and I thought that lavender would go well with my pink bag and my wardrobe.

The ring is, of course, really cute. I like the little stones, it gives an extra sparkle to the accessory that I find beautiful.

I don't think I will order again this month from AP since brand bought directly from the website is always really expensive and I have an anime convention soon so I need to keep my savings for then. I did buy a star clip and brand socks from sellers on EGL though and I should receive them soon. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. The bag and the ring are so cute..I´m jealous :)

    1. Thanks^^
      I think they are still available through AP's website though. And I'm sure a lot of lolita will sell them eventually. I already saw one selling the mint one on EGL.

  2. Sadly I just bought some other things and better save my money for shoes matching my dresses. It´s hard getting a working wardrobe^^