Thursday, 29 December 2011

Packages through the mail #1

Yesterday, while at work, I received a notice for 2 packages. But it was so stormy outside that I didn't see them. My landlord was kind enough to bring the notices inside this morning. So I went to get my packages with a big smile on the face. I was expecting earmuffs and 2 dresses. I didn't know which one I received this morning.

The first package was the BTSSB earmuffs I bought from Fairy-Angel website.

The second package was the Dollhouse OP from AP. It is really gorgeous, but I was sad to find out damage at the back that weren't mentionned in the auction on EGL. I'll find a way to repair it soon, it's not that big of a deal.

It's a perfect fit! I'm really happy since it was a dream dress of mine and I always thought it was way too small. The measurements on HelloLace are not always exact it seems! And no there is no stain on it, I think it's only the lighting that gives this strange effect.

 Next post will be about the tea party I attended that same day... and yes I wore this dress! I couldn't make up an elaborated coord though since I had to go get my chinchilla and ended up having only 15 minutes to get ready.

See you soon!


  1. my congratulations for you receiving those earmuffs.
    you are writing English very good.
    is it your native language?
    because you look as if you are from china.

  2. Thanks!
    English is not my native language, I'm from Canada and I speak French^^ I'm kinda tall but you cannot tell by the picture XD

  3. Nice dress, hope you get the other one soon =)

  4. Thanks! I'll make sure to post it as soon as I receive it^^ I think it'll come in Wednesday since the post office is closed on the 1st-2nd.