Sunday, 18 December 2011

Wearing Lolita Outside

I think this is an important event for every lolita in the world: The first time you wear lolita outside your house and actually face the reactions.

I'm not sure if I remember the first time I ever went outside wearing lolita. I think it was for the winter meeting last year, a bit more than a year ago to be more precise. Wearing my first brand piece, the Milky-chan polka-dot applique jsk from Angelic Pretty, I took my first step outside in lolita from head to toe. And yes, I was wearing the Milky-chan of the fawn headbow with the fawn ears on. But being extremely shy and afraid of people's reactions, I removed it for the subway ride.

Going outside in lolita is always special. But here are some things to keep in mind and also some tips on how to react. This is not the absolute truth, it is only according to my own experience in the past year.

1. People will stare at you, no matter if it's one that says 'you are beautiful' or one that says 'you look like a freak'. Just keep ignoring them; what you wear is your own business, not theirs. If they don't like it, they should just ignore you too.

2. You will get asked a lot if you are wearing a costume. Don't ignore them, just calmly explain the best you can the lolita fashion. Most of the time those people only think your dress looks good and want to know more about it. Some will also ask for pictures or just take one without your permission. Being asked for a picture is quite flattering most of the time.

3. You will sometimes get insulted or laughed at. Again, it'd be best to ignore them and walk away or just continue what you were doing. But I must admit that sometimes it would be funny to reply to them.

4. Going alone in lolita is harder than with a friend or a group. When you are alone, you are more at risk of being laughed at or insulted. Being with friends makes you powerful, people will rarely insult a whole group.

5. If you are too afraid to go outside in lolita the first time, you can begin to slowly incorporate sweet accessories to your regular clothes and eventually make up a casual coord. Black usually don't get noticed much so you can try a white blouse with a black skirt. Then when you get more comfortable, you can begin to add more color and accessories.

I hope this will be helpful to some fellow lolitas! I did not follow those myself at the beginning. I did go out the first time in a full sweet coord and completely alone on the subway. You can guess that it was a big challenge. But I'm very proud I went. It was a great meeting and I had a lot of fun seeing the community members for the first time. Once I got to the appointment spot and saw all the other girls in their beautiful coords I was so happy! I completely stopped feeling looked at and just enjoyed myself the whole time of the meeting.

To finish this post on a sweet note, being called a princess by the children is certainly one of the most heart warming thing about going out in lolita!

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