Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Lolita Styles : Sweet Lolita

In the next days I'll talk about each lolita styles. The first one I chose to talk about is, of course, Sweet lolita! You can probably guess form the title of this blog that it is my favorite style and the one I chose to wear the most.

What could best describe the sweet lolita style? Well, the pastel colors and cute prints!
The colors used are mostly pink, sax, lavender, mint, white, black and red. There are some exceptions of course.

You can see here the same print (memorial cake from AP) in various pastel colors from the ones mentioned above.
I own the black one and I must say that it's absolutely gorgeous!

The prints in the sweet style often represent cute animals and sweets. The toys and stuffed animals themes come back often too.

The Milky-chan of the fawn jsk and applique version from AP are good examples of a prints with animals.

The Merry making party jsk is a print full of sweets.

 And the Toy parade print is... well you can guess by the name!

Usually, the sweet print dresses are accompanied by cute headbows and other accessories. It's easy to make great coordinates in the sweet style since there is often a whole set around each print released. The headbows and accessories are often very cute and extravagant.

Picture taken from Libellule's blog.

Lyrical bunny headband, bangle and ring from AP.

Milky-chan headbow with ears and Little bear's cafe headbow from AP.

In the sweet style you can also carry a cute stuffed animal bag or a more regular looking purse with cute features.

Wristcuffs are also a nice addition to a sweet coord. They come in various colors and style of lace. The brands one are really nice, but I came across a few talented artists on EGL that make great quality ones.

Those are all handmade by chiichick on Deviantart.

There's also an infinity of socks you can match with your outfit. They often have cute animals printed on them or sweets and cute patterns like the dresses. I personally prefer to wear tights since I,m quite tall and even OTKs  aren't long enough to cover my knees.

And the last but not least, the shoes! There is a ton of cute pastel colored shoes to choose from. But often they are not very comfortable. You cannot walk for a long period of time with those on.

Like I said in my previous post, the main brand I suggest for sweet lolita is Angelic Pretty. But there is also Btssb, Metamorphose and others who make sweet styled dresses of great quality.
My next post will be about the classic style. But I may post something else a bit before since I,m expecting a sweet package from the mail soon!

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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