Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lolita Styles : Gothic Lolita

It's been a while since I wrote about the various lolita styles! Well I decided to finally continue the list.
This one post will be about... well you guessed it: Gothic lolita.

While it is not my style, I do plan on buying some MmM in the near future since there are some prints that I like.

The gothic style is mostly marked by dark colors, elegant and sophisticated prints and designs. There's not many brands who offer this style. The most known would be Moi-Même-Moitié (speaking French, I'm proud to know how to pronounce it!). It is really expensive though! There's also Atelier Pierrot, Btssb and metamorphose who sell this style of lolita clothes.

Here is an example of the various colors used for gothic lolita dresses. The black/electric blue combination is a recurrent one because of MmM but there's also white/black, black/gold, Black/silver, wine, emerald, plain black and much more.

The prints and patterns used in the gothic style are often crosses, religion related (like churches and cathedrals), flowers, etc.

The lenght of the dresses and skirts is a bit longer than the other styles (with some exceptions). As in the classic style, you can find floor lenght one pieces.

You now have a good idea of what the dresses can look like for that style, let's take a look at the commonly used accessories.

For the head, headdresses with flowers and crosses seem to be fairly popular. There are indeed headbows and bonnets as in the other styles too. 

 As for the accessories, the same themes come back. There can be crosses, flowers, bats, etc. Chockers and pendants are a nice touch to add to the outfit. If socks are worn, they will likely be OTK, else tights are worn very often. Not much skin is usually shown for gothic lolita. Purses are mostly black with some dark color touches. The shapes are plain most of the time.

And finally, the shoes! Of course any lolita shoes that are black or white could do. But platforms and heels are also accepted. As long as it is elegant and goes well with the coord, any shoe could look good and be in style. Even gold or silver could be good if matched with a black and gold/silver dress or skirt.

I think it is it for the gothic style. I hope I didn,t forget anything important. If I did miss something or if I wrote something that is incorrect, please tell me and I'll make the modifications!

Let's finish this post with a picture of Mana-Sama! 

 Thank you for reading!
I'm receiving a big package through the mail soon! Stay tuned to know what it is! (p.s. It's from Angelic Pretty again)


  1. Well it´s a nice post but the photos from hellolace seem to be broken or something. Maybe you should fix that to make the post more informative..

    1. That's weird I see the images here D: What do you see instead of the hellolace images?

    2. I just changed them (a friend told me the ones that were wrong). Now they should work just fine^^ Thanks for pointing out that they weren't working.

  2. Yeah now I can see everything :)