Friday, 10 February 2012

Deviantart - Cute Monster Design Contest

I made an entry for the cute monster t-shirt design contest on!
I would be so happy if some of you would go vote for me :D

I designed a really cute monster! While it is not lolita... it does have a cute pink bow! If I win one of the prizes where you get copies of your shirt design, I will give away one (or more) of them here on my blog.

Here's the little cutie, click on the link bellow to vote. You need to click on the 'I'd wear that' button at the right of the image to vote for my design.

Here's the original image I used for the front of the shirt. Just don't copy it please :)

P.S.: My package is already in Canada! It'll be there probably on Monday next week.... I'm sooo happy!


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