Sunday, 13 May 2012

Coord of the day #1

I went to Chinatown last Thursday and wanted to share my coord of that day. I'll to make a post for every time I dress in lolita too!

So I went to a tea/manga lounge with a friend and then we went to Chinatown because I was looking for a particular wall scroll for my 'living room'. There was a lot of rain though in the afternoon so I wore a print that I knew was safe to go under water.

So here's the picture I took before going out. I had a very simple hairstyle, 2 straight ponytails. I couldn't curl them because of the rain that was announced.

Outfit rundown

Jsk and headbow: AP memorial cake
Bangle and ring: AP shy bear bangle and AP decoration dream pony ring
Pendant: Swarovski's Hello Kitty series
Tights, hair bows and hair ties: Offbrand
Shoes: BTSSB heart buckles
Bag: AP decoration dream pony

On our way to the lounge, my shoes once again lost the sole! It had done the same thing on another event, but I had glued it back together with crazy glue. So we had to go buy extra strong glue beforehand and we managed to glue the sole back on once we arrived to the lounge. Afterwards I was extra careful when I was walking because I didn't want to loose the sole again! It did hold on until I arrived to my apartment fortunately.

So before we headed out to Chinatown, I asked my friend if she could take a few pictures of me since I don't have many decent ones yet. I look sad, but I think it's because I was trying to not laugh and was thinking too much about my broken shoe!

And when she tried to take a close-up, I couldn't stop laughing... at least I look happy there ahah.

That,s it for that day :D
I went to a tea party yesterday so I'll be making another post about it very soon, maybe even tonight!

Thanks for reading!

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