Sunday, 4 March 2012

Manga Bal 2012

This post is a follow-up for my last post. It is about the same event, but the good part of it this time!

So we went to an event called Manga Bal on the 25th of February at the national library. It was during the one-time-a-year night where the subway and some other places are opened all night long.

This was the poster for the event.

For the occasion I chose to try out a coord with my new dress, the Fancy Box jsk from AP. I put on a very simple make-up because I knew it would be very hot in the library and I didn't want it to run on my face during the night.

I went at the library around 7:30 PM. Since the event was until 3 AM, I didn't want to go there too early. My friends were already there so I just joined them when I arrived. One of my friends was cosplaying Ciel from Kuroshitsuji and my other friend was dressed in regular clothes.

At first we went to the exposition on the last floor. There was a bunch of figurines, mangas, cute goodies and costumes. My friends had already seen everything so I just went over it pretty quickly. They dared me to guess from which anime the costumes were, I got them almost all right ahah. While I do not like popular animes like Naruto or One Piece, I do enjoy a lot of them. 

While looking at the exposition, I was asked to take a picture. The girl was really nice and she soon told me she was the owner of Angelic Pretty San-Francisco. I couldn't believed it! She recognized me because I was wearing the dress she had just sent me! It was a really nice surprise for her and me to meet there. We talked and bit and she took a picture together with me. I will definitely order from there again, especially now that I know who the owner is and how nice she is. I prefer encouraging people I know instead of the japanese site.

After that, we went upstairs to see what was there. On the way we met some of the lolitas I know from the community so we joined them and went to the tea tasting area. I don't remember which kind of tea it was though. I know it was Japanese tea that could be drank cold during summer.

 There were a lot of people cosplaying all around the place. I took some pictures and would like to share them here. There were also some other lolitas, but I don't have pictures of them unfortunately.

 During some time I went with my lolita friends because the tea tasting area was too crowded and we weren't comfortable with our poofy dresses. During that time we went to search for someone they thought they had seen downstairs and ended up doing a little interview about lolita. Here is the video in which we appeared. We are at the beginning. Unfortunately it is all in French, but it is very short anyway. I look weird there ahah...

 After the tea tasting, we went to see a friend who was invited to talk about her book. She read a chapter from it on stage. I filmed almost all of it, but I didn't finish the video about the event yet so I can,t show it here. Anyway, it is all in French and since my blog is in English I kinda doubt people will be able to understand what is said in the video. If you are interested, here is the book. It is called C├ętacia. You can go check it on here It is in French again. The story is very interesting!

 After Mel's conference about Cetacia, we went to watch a movie in the projection room. The one that was playing was Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Having seen it for at least 4 times already, I spent most of the time talking to my friend who had also seen it often. I also have the movie at home, which can explain why I ahve seen it so often. The graphics of this movie are so gorgeous! Even though it's been out for a while now, it is still one of the most beautiful CGI movie I have ever seen in my whole life.

 After that was the Manga Bal. It ended being just a dance party to loud J-Pop music so we decided to leave before the end. We were all tired and I was working at noon on Sunday.

This is it for the Manga Bal event. I will update this post with the video when it is finally done.
Here is a duck face collective picture for you to see while waiting!

Thank you for reading again!


  1. Hi!
    Do you know if the measurements for the Bodyline blue jsk (the halter one) are accurate...or it can it go more? I love that jsk but my bust and waist are a few CM out of the range for it.

    Thank you!

    1. If you are talking about the one in a previous post, then no it can't. I had difficulties fitting in it even though I have the exact max measurements. It was very uncomfortable so I wouldn't recommend it.